An answer to UK’s food poverty | A social supermarket that offers more…

The first supermarket of an unusual chain went into business in South Yorkshire UK in December 2013. This social supermarket, ‘The Community Shop’, is open only for benefits recipients from its local area. Launched as a subsidiary of a commercial redistributor of surplus food, this shop stocks the surplus food of major retailers, selling the same brands but at prices up to 70% cheaper. It also offers its members additional useful services such as CV writing skills development, debt advice and cookery classes. This social supermarket model complements the food banks, which have grown in the UK in the recent past with the rise of food poverty. Although this model is a better intervention in addressing food poverty in the long term, it should not distract society from asking the vital question: Why do so many people cannot afford to eat in the first place?

Original story | The social supermarket is a step forward for tackling food poverty 
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