Stories have the power to capture and motivate our thinking

  • They take us places we could never hope to visit, providing us with insights of experiences we could never live.
  • They can mirror our every day life, encouraging us to take a fresh look at what we take for granted.
  • Stories are a valuable part of our culture, and in the classroom situation, are enjoyed by children and teachers alike.

It is perhaps children’s obvious enjoyment of a story that makes it a powerful tool for the teacher in motivating pupil’s interest and enthusiasm.  It encourages and excites children’s natural curiosity about the world, both their own world, and that of others.

Children bring a wide range of experiences and knowledge with them when they come to school.  Story can provide opportunities for children to meet again with what is familiar and known to them.  It both confirms their understandings and validates their experiences as important, worthy of discussion.

 It also offers the children an opportunity to learn about the lives of others and about places that they cannot have direct experience of, thus extending their understandings beyond their community to the world.


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