Paraguay’s recycling-driven orchestra | Playing the way for a no-poverty world

Around 500 recyclers work in Catura landfill in Paraguay – the fastest growing country in the Americas but with a third of the population below the poverty line. Catura is the home to the world-renowned Catura Orchestra of Recycled Instruments. It is a community of 30 children of recyclers and the instruments they play have been made from recycled materials. Former recycler Nicholas Gomez now works for Favio Chavez, this band’s conductor. In the waste dump, Gomez looks for pans, pots and the like – the stuff he needs to make guitars, violins and cellos. Meanwhile Chavez conducts music classes for over 70 children while directing weekly orchestra practice. His goal extends beyond music. He strives to use a child’s endeavour to learn to play a musical instrument as a lever to lift them out of poverty. Can recycled music do it? Yes, it can…

Original story | Paraguayan landfill orchestra makes sweet music from rubbish
Video | Paraguay’s landfill orchestra plays instruments made from recycled rubbish

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